Elevation Certificates,
L.O.M.A. Assistants

The 1 Day Residential Service Plan.
(For 1 Existing Structure, House) --field to finish.  Within 6 hours after a field crew has been dispatched to your site, the Elevation Certificate is completed and emailed to your inbox. No waiting on us to get your loan processed and on its way. Commercial service, please call.
All for $780.00, No adjusted costs,
No taxes, (for the above Counties) Other Counties please call.
We back up our work 100%. Any changes or questions requested by the bank or insurance company are taken care of that day.
"Hi Brian, Thank you for sending this so quickly! As you know, I work for a bank and I actually deal with loans and flood insurance on a daily basis so if I ever have an opportunity to refer somebody your way, I will!" Thanks again!
--Ruthie S., Brier, WA

B T Surveys Inc, Surveyors - Land, Everett, WA

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